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May 3, 2105 --- 6 Months Down...WHAT?

Dear family,

DID YOU KNOW I'VE BEEN GONE FOR 6 MONTHS!!!  Seriously, I don't know where the time has gone.  It's crazy!  Now I'm just on a downhill slope, and I'll be home in less than a year.  It's crazy and I just with time would take it's time and slow down a little.  So now that I've hit my 6 month mark this is what it's like...

Tagalog - I still definitely don't understand everything, but people here are saying that my Tagalog has gotten better and I make sense more and they can't usually understand what I'm saying...haha maybe one day I'll be fluent - I can hardly wait for that day!

Weather - it's summer time and really hot.  Cold showers are maybe even better that ice cream (which means a lot because you know how much I love ice cream)!  I have this annoying heat rash or something and I don't really want skin cancer so I've been thinking about being one with the Filipinos and using an umbrella all day to block the sun...haha but that one is just a maybe.  PS rainy season should be starting in a couple weeks!!!  YAY!!!

Guagua - I'm still in Guagua and it's still great.  The people here are so nice and they still say the funniest things!  Honestly, I don't think I'll ever get used to the times were walking down the street and guys say "Hey Joe, I like you!"  Haha there's so many more funny things I need to start making a list for you.  Everyone that was in my zone when I got here has over the past few months has been transferred - so basically I'm a pioneer here.

Food - the food is still delicious except sometimes rice makes me sick, which is maybe a good thing because I think it's the main reason I'm getting fatter.  Haha seriously it's pretty likely I've gained 20 pounds or something.  But I can't figure out the exact number because all the scales are in kilos, too bad!  Haha so many members say "Ah Sister Marshall, your waist used to be this big, now it's this big. And your cheeks are chubbier (and they love pinching my cheeks ay naku!)." So funny and I guess it's true!  But from what I've seen, everyone gains weight in Guagua because the members feed us so much!!  Busog na busog palagi! (I'm always so full)!

Random Filipino Things - I wash all my clothes by hand now, we used to have members wash some of our clothes but now we just do it...haha what a joy, but it's actually kind of fun.  I'm getting okay at cooking Filipino food, it's actually super easy and fun!  I LOVE trykes and jeepneys.  Honestly, I don't know how you do it at home without a tryke or jeep.  Yesterday there was a boxing match against Paquiao (Filipino) and Merryweather (|American) it was probably as big as the superbowl!  The American won - too bad. I love filipino humor!  It's so just cute and simple (basically pickuplines one after another) and haha they're so funny!!

Pinaka-important...THE GOSPEL - Each day more and more I love the gospel.  Honestly it's just so great.  I love being able to teach the gospel because it helps me understand/love it more and understand how important it really is.  Every aspect of the gospel just shows how much Heavenly Father loves us.  Ah He just loves us so much!!   My testimony grows in different ways each day.  I love that getting a testimony isn't just a one time deal, but something that can be worked on and grow constantly.  The gospel is just maganda (good/beautiful).  I love it and I love you!!

Sister Marshall :)


In the Philippines, rather than pinatas they hang up pots filled with candy and break the pot.  But this is actually my favorite...this kid has a stick in his hand and everyone is shouting at him "one more step, right two steps, no too far!"  Then whenever he thinks he's under the balloon he pushes the stick up (he only gets one chance too) and tries to pop the water balloon above his head.  Haha so cute!!
Inline image 3

One of our investigators makes delicious buko (coconut) pie and mammon (tastes like angel food cake).  Because her oven is so cool and her food is so delicious syempre I had to take a picture :)
Inline image 1

My p-day groupie...haha these kids just hang out by the window and wave at us/watch us while we email!
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