Sunday, August 9, 2015

April 26, 2015 ---- Transfer Time!!!

Transfers have come and gone and I'm still in Guagua...everyone says I've been here for sooooo long but I'm glad because I love it here!  Sister Lim is done with her mission and at home now.  It's so sad saying goodbyes, but all is well because my new companion is absolutely AMAZING!!!  Her name is Sister Cervantes, she is from Bicol, Philippines.  Before the mission she studied elementary education and she's so cute with kids and everyone!  She's just so, so great, positive, creative, basically everything a good missionary should be - that's her!  So I am super excited for this transfer!!!

As a missionary, we always have funny stories because we spend so much time with so many different people.  Yesterday, while we were contacting people we were talking to an older woman and her daughter.  Then a man walks out of the house and says goodbye to the women.  (We'll call him Cortez because that's the name of the spys on Spy Kids right? Haha) I recognized the guy because we've taught him once, but before we could say anything to him he did this funny little "hurry and turn you back from the missionaries/run and hide behind the door" like a super uncoordinated spy.  Later, while we were talking to these other people, I glanced back at the house Cortez the "spy" was at and he was peeking out the gate at us, trying to hide behind his ball cap. But when he saw us he hid again.  As we kept going down the street, we just happened to see him every time he was trying to leave the old lady's house.  Finally I guess Cortez got sick of getting caught and just wanted to go home.  As we walked to another house we saw a guy walking next to us.  But really it was just Cortez and he'd taken his shirt off, wrapped it around his head (like an Arabian spy), put his ball cap really, really low, and stuck a cigarette in his mouth through his t-shirt.  It was too funny to not say anything so we said "Hello Brother, kumusta po kayo?" to which his only reply was just running into the nearest gate and then finally made his way home dodging in and out of the neighbors plants and laundry.  Haha we could not stop laughing!

The other day, as we were "tao po"-ing a house but instead the neighbor answered their door and let us in.  The father invited us in to meet his family and we were able to share with them.  They're so great!  It's so, so much fun being able to share with families because it makes me see more and more how the gospel applies and blessing us at every single stage in our life!  Ah the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint is just so true!!  I love, love, love seeing the effects it makes in everyone's lives ALWAYS!  Seriously just seeing it's effect on me even as a missionary is so great.  I don't really know what stories or who to tell you about this week, but the main message of anything I would tell you is that the gospel is just so great.  There is really nothing better than it.  And I am so, so grateful to have the gospel in my life and the opportunity to be a missionary.  It's really just all so great, and awesome, and just ah I love it here!

I love you all so, so much!  Have a great week and share the greatness of the gospel with someone!  Mahal na mahal kita! :)
Sister Marshall

It doesn't rain very often yet but I AM SO EXCITED FOR RAINY SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Saying goodbye to Sister Lim!  Sister Mclean, me!, Sister Villaviles, Sister Lim, Sister Cervantes
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To pick mangoes out of the tree they have these next things on 10-15 foot poles.  They're awesome and the mangoes are so good!!
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