Sunday, August 9, 2015

June 29, 2015 --- Moving Day!‏

Guess what we did today??  We moved apartments!!  I'm so excited for our new apartment.  We're closer to the church and some of the members and it is like a palace, it even has two bathrooms yay!!  This transfers been going by so fast, only two weeks left, hopefully I get to stay here a lot longer!!

So one of my favorite things about this transfer is just Sister Sarfraz she is so funny and so cute!!  She just makes me laugh all day, everyday.  Her English is SO cute too!!  One day I told her, "Sister Sarfraz, I just think you're a hoot." to which she replied, "No Sister, I'm not hooting"  haha ah she's just so cute!  And she's really good at listening to the Spirit too.  She's honestly just amazing.  I absolutely love her prayers too.  They are the most humble, sincere prayers.

This week, I've been trying a lot more to say better prayers, more specific prayers and it has been amazing.  We've had a some investigators and less-active members who we've been trying really hard to help come to church.  They'll keep any commitment we extend to them, but for some reason, church is hard for them.  This week we've been really trying to help them come and we let them know them know that we really, truly pray for them to be able to come to church.  Well that put together with really specific prayers has really, really worked.  They were able to come to church, the investigators and the less-actives.  After talking with one of the less-actives, she really thanked us for our prayers, and told us of how much she'd struggled to be able to come to church.  

I really love the opportunity that we have to pray, all the time every where. It is great!!  I know without a doubt that our prayers are heard and answered and more than anything that Heavenly Father is so incredibly aware of each of His children.  

Love you all!!
Sister Marshall :)

The picture I was going to send was of us in the new apartment but saying the computer wouldn't load it so here's the caption of the picture instead:
Our new apartment was the house of some of the members here.  They are the cutest old couple and just moved in with their kids.  They left behind cute vintage furniture and this PIANO!!!  Some termites ate some of the piano, but it's still so fun to play even though you can only hear 1/2 the notes.  Ah I love it here!!

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