Sunday, August 9, 2015

May 31, 2015 --- Just read the Book of Mormon, it's SO good! :)

Hello family!!!!  This week was great as always!  This week and transfer especially we've been finding so many amazing people who are so great!!  

One of our investigators is Arvie.  He's super awesome.  We just met him at church one Sunday and he told us he wanted to learn more about the church.  As we've been teaching him he told us the reason that he's interested: as he's thought about his desire to stop smoking and drinking, two people always come to mind.  The two people are his classmates from almost 10 years ago and are members of this branch. He always wondered and admired how they've been able to go through life without smoking or alcohol.  He knew they were both Mormons so he decided to try out the church.  It's amazing the way being a good example can stay with someone and affect their lives.  He's super receptive and really smart!

There was a guy we met on a jeep a couple weeks ago and he told us that we could come teach him.  Yesterday we were finally able to teach him and his family and they are awesome!  They have a lot of different religions in they're background but right now they're Baptist's.  When we told us that, I thought of the movie Baptist's at Our Barbeque.  Have your seen that?  It's so funny and brother Ray looks just like one of the guys in the movie!  They are really awesome though because they read the Bible a lot and were asking the greatest questions during the lesson.  

Sorry short-lang and email ko, but I love you all!  I love being a missionary here and each day I learn so much.  Everyone always tells me that scripture study on the mission is the best.  And it is. :)  There's so much to learn each day about the gospel and from the Book of Mormon. The reason that scripture study is so good here is because we've set specific time aside each day to study and each time we study, we start and end with a prayer.  Super simple, and something I want to do for the rest of my life!  I know as we set time aside each day, and pray for the guidance of the Spirit, we will learn exactly what we need to know.  I love, love, love the Book of Mormon more and more each day!!  And I love you all too!  Have a great week! :)

Sister Marshall

We have lots of members preparing for missions or just super willing to come with us in general.  Guagua is so great!!

Lots of pogi mga Tatay at church.  The one on my left (sitting down) is a recent convert and his best friend, they are the cutest!

Goodbye Sister Villaviles!! 

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