Sunday, August 9, 2015

Aug. 3, 2015 --- It takes FAITH.

Hello Family!!!  I love the pictures everyone is growing so much!!  Especially Melissa haha ;)  There has been a lot of fun things that have happened this week, as always :) 

This week I realized I'm not a very nice companion dahil...while we were riding our bikes in the middle of a nowhere, I saw a goat on the side of the road and thought it'd be funny to scare it.  So I went off roading towards the goat and it just stared and stared at me until got scared it might charge me.  As I turned to get out of the way of the goat, it finally got scared and charged at Sister Ungos on her bike!!  Ah haha long story short we all survived, no one wrecked, and I'm working on being a better companion so no more goats charge at Sister Ungos.... ;)

We had a really incredible time at Zone Conference where we focused on the importance of the Sacrament and attending church.  One of my favorite things that I learned is that we really need to prepare for the Sacrament.  Preparation "starts a long time before we walk into the church," because the Sacrament isn't just basta, basta (or whatever).  It's an opportunity that we have to really focus on the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and what it means for us.  The preparation is truly all week, everyday.  As we prepare for the Sacrament during the week and in our homes we prepare ourselves to receive the blessings of partaking of the Sacrament.  And Sacrament changes from a snack on Fast Sunday, to something that can be truly inspiring.  I realized that I really needed to work on my preparation during the week, so I did and I testify that it really does work and church was amazing!

During Sacrament meeting the Spirit was so strong.  Not just strong but really, really strong.  I also loved the testimonies.  Many of the testimonies in the end hit the same message.  That although it can be hard we just need to continue building our faith.  Because the blessings are endless for ourselves and for our families, now and in eternity.  This morning, during personal study, this quote really hit me so here it is for you! :)

“It takes faith—unseeing faith—for young people to proceed immediately with their family responsibilities in the face of financial uncertainties. It takes faith for the young woman to bear her family instead of accepting employment, especially when schooling for the young husband is to be finished. It takes faith to observe the Sabbath when ‘time and a half’ can be had working, when sales can be made, when merchandise can be sold. It takes a great faith to pay tithes when funds are scarce and demands are great. It takes faith to fast and have family prayers and to observe the Word of Wisdom. It takes faith to do ward teaching, stake missionary work, and other service, when sacrifice is required. It takes faith to fill foreign missions. But know this—that all these are of the planting, while faithful devout families, spiritual security, peace, and eternal life are the harvests.
                             - Spencer W. Kimball, in Conference Report, Oct. 1952, 50–51

I hope that you're finding ways to build your faith with actions.  I know also that really preparing, yourself and in your homes, all week for Sacrament meeting is absolutely an act of faith, an act of faith which absolutely brings blessings.  Blessings that will be eternal.

I love you all!! And can't wait to hear about your acts of faith.  Have a great week!


Sister Marshall :)

Lots of fun in Olongapo!!

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  1. Hello Sister Marshall!

    Sorry for like being suplado when we met at the jeep. I also don’t know why I was like that since Monday; Monday to Thursday is really hard 4 day stretch for me (maybe I just think a lot).
    I dont know why when we are talking there's a diffent vibe or aura I have felt (maybe because of the blue eyes LOL).
    I just prayed and talk to God and after that day I'm already fine. SALAMAT. You're like a kerubin(dont know how to spell, but its a little angel that has curly hair and probably blue eyes)
    SALAMAT :)
    Dwine Yves