Sunday, August 9, 2015

July 27, 2015 --- "It's Friday, Friday.....partying, partying, yeah!"

Hello po family ko!!

Just so you know...Sister Ungos and I found the yummiest little bakery here in San Mar.  Our favorite treat is a roll filled with coconut and pudding...mmmm!!  Also we think the rat is gone for good..."hopefully."  But other than bakery's and lost rats, there've been more great things happening in San Mar.  

This week we've been teaching a lot of really amazing people.  The Galias Family is super great and there are lots of kids.  It's been really fun to teach them because the parents and kids are involved in the lesson and have lots of questions and love to pray!  They're a super sweet family.  There's another family who we've been teaching but the father will just never listen.  On Friday he finally listened!  The lesson was really spiritual and we're super excited to go back mamayang gabi!  

Friday was also really great because we got to see these guapo brothers get baptized.  They're super awesome and they remind me a lot of Cam.  They're super funny, smart, spiritually strong!  One of my favorite parts was listening to them bear their testimonies.  Especially at the end when Lliam (the youngest) bore testimony of how he now knows Jesus Christ.  The spirit was so strong!  Chaim and Gave received the priesthood on Sunday and they're really excited to pass the sacrament next week.  They all want to go on missions too.  Gave, the oldest, is already planning/preparing to go after high school in 3 years!!  They're a really stellar family.

There is a missionary who just returned home here in San Marcelino and it makes me realize even more how fast time is going.  Hopefully I can just stay here forever. ;) It's really fun here in San Marcelino and missionary work is great.  It's really amazing to see the way the gospel changes lives and seeing the way that other's have been gaining testimonies and how mine has grown so much.  I truly love the gospel and the way that learning never stops.  We are able to learn more each day and change our lives for the better each day.  The gospel is really amazing.  I hope you're all reading the Book of Mormon each day and learning the things that Heavenly Father has there for you to learn.  :)

Love you all, lots and lots!
Sister Marshall

Lots'a white....Gave, Chaim, Lliam, mama Cathy, ako, and Sister Ungos!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the members gave us this coat to keep us safe at night, super cute huh?!  ;)

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