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June 15, 2015 --- One Little, Two Little Indians...‏

Hello family!  
Just in case you were wondering, it is so much fun here in the Philippines with my little Indian!!  Sister Sarfraz is awesome.  So the church in Pakistan is a working progress.  Her house was actually one of the first houses used for the church members to meet in.  They now have meetinghouses and 12 branches in Pakistan!!  They’re part of the India New Delhi Mission and they’re closest temple are the China Hongkong and Philippines Manila temples.  She is the absolutely sweetest person ever and she says the most humble meaningful prayers ever.  I adore her!!  And so do all of the people here!
San Marcelino is absolutely gorgeous.  Now that our bikes are fixed, we’ve been riding bikes a lot more.  It’s super funny because there are so many tryke and jeepney drivers who totally turn around, definitely don’t look at the road, and wave at us while we ride, honestly I’m surprised that I haven’t seen any wrecks here yet.  It’s so funny.  I love riding bikes because it gives me a lot of time to look around.  In Guagua it was more of a city area, that was super hot, and we had lots of exhaust constantly in our faces.  But here is it so green! There are mountains and field everywhere!!!  Sobrang maganda I cannot get over it.  And the people are so great!  Syempre!

The work is so great here!  One of the families that were working with is a less-active mother, who is returning and helping her sons to prepare for baptism.  The boys are all like Cam.  Super funny, pogi, gentlemen, and are so smart!  I always feel right at home, and like I’m teaching a bunch of younger brothers, when we’re with the Dela Cruz family.  This week we’ve also had a lot of people say “no” when we invite them to be baptized which is actually really great!  Usually we get a “Filipino yes” which is just a yes because it’s probably the right answer.  But when they say “no” we have the opportunity to ask why, and what it would mean to be baptized, and we get more meaningful answers than just a “Filipino yes.”  There’s just a lot of greatness to come forth in San Marcelino. 

We had an area broadcast yesterday which was awesome.  It focused a lot on the ways that the gospel changes families.  The gospel is an incredible change and blessing in every individuals lives, but the way that it can bring together the individuals and change a family is even more incredible.  I love being a missionary and sharing the gospel each day.  It’s the best thing in the world!!

Mahal ko kayo!
Sister Marshall :)

Two Little Indians - we found this at one of our investigators houses and of course we had to take a picture :)

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