Sunday, August 9, 2015

May 17, 2015 --- This One's For Africa

Family of mine!

It was so fun Skyping with you last week!!  I love Mother's Day!!  And it prepared me for speaking to speak a little more English than usual.  Something fun that's started this week is we've taught a couple of the lessons in English because the man is from South Africa and his girlfriend speaks perfect English too.  The first lesson was actually kind of hard because from day one in the MTC we try everything in Tagalog so I've never really taught a lesson in English so I was just nosebleeding the whole time (here a nosebleed is not a bloody nose, haha cause that would be gross during a lesson, it's just when it's hard to speak English correctly).  But it's really fun now and Sister Cervantes is super magaling (talented) sa English so it's been really fun teaching in English!

One of the great things about challenging times in life, is if you just keep going, great things/miracles start to happen.  After getting punted and punted and punted even by every lesson we had scheduled, every back up, and every back up for our back ups we decided to try one more person on the other side of town.  As we were walking, we saw a girl standing all alone in front of a gate to a house.  Cathy told us that she was a caretaker of that house and she had left her phone inside, but there were 15 dogs behind the gate barking at us and she was too scared to go inside.  She didn't know her husbands phone number so she couldn't call him from anyone's phone, so she'd just been outside waiting hoping her husband would show up to help her.  While we waited/talked with her she told us her name which is a super uncommon last name and was the same last name as less-actives members who we've been trying to find for a couple of months.  We asked her if she knew him and the less-active member is actually her father!  Cathy was really excited to talk to us about the church and wants to come with us to meet her father when we go to their house.  I love what Sister Cervantes said after that, "sometimes Heavenly Father gives us exactly what He knows we need for His plans to happen." Heavenly Father let Cathy forget about her phone, and held back for a couple minutes from blessing her with courage because He knew what needed to be done for His plan to come forth.  It's amazing because right after we'd talked with her and made plans to meet her father, she opened the gate with the dogs behind it, went in the house, and got her phone.  She wasn't even scared when she went in, as if she'd just been waiting for us so we'd be able to meet her and her father. :)  It was one of those times that bears witness how incredibly aware Heavenly Father is of each of His children.  Even if we think we need courage (or whatever it is we need), sometimes Heavenly Father just let's us wait a minute until we learn something that will bless our lives even more. :)

I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

Mahal kita, 

Sister Marshall

We've started having a super fun English classes every Saturday night. "No more nosebleeds!"

The two Nanay's closest to me are basically pioneers of Guagua branch.  Nanay Luciana (orange) and Nany Belen (pink) are both 81-years-old, sobrang sweet, and they remind me so much of Grandma Cook.  Oh they're just so cute!!

Sister Cervantes and I always have lots of fun at church! Syempre!

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