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May 24, 2015 --- I Finally Got to Wear the Yellow Jersey!!!‏

​Hello family!!  Alam mo ba school is almost over!!!  Crazy!  I hope you're all super excited for summer break, the summer break here in the Philippines ends on June 1...also rainy season should be here in just a couple weeks....SOBRANG EXCITED AKO!!! :)

Pretty much every moment of missionary work is my favorite in some way or another but this was one of my favorites of my favorites this week:

So this week we were going to teach one of the tryke drivers that we met last week.  Anyways, when we'd talked to him he told us that we could come over at Wednesday at 10am.  And seemed super, super excited for us to teach him and his family.  So syempre we were really excited too!  As we tried to find his house we realized we weren't exactly sure where he lived.  He told us Ligaya, but turns out that place doesn't even the tryke driver we were with told us it was probably this other place so we went there looking for a tryke driver named Jonathon. No one knew him but people told us there's a tryke driver Jessie and he lives by the basketball court.  So we went there and met his wife, who was nice but super, super uninterested!  We knew the tryke driver we'd met wasn't her husband so basically we're 90% sure this "Johnathon" guy gave us lots of fake info and we totally fell for it.  But okay-lang because everything has a purpose!  So while we were kind of lost in one of our farthest areas we decided to ask if anyone knew any of the people in the list of members in our area.  The first name we asked actually lived right across the basketball court!  When we went over to her house it was incredible.  Apparently she and her daughters had been baptized a couple years ago in a different area and had been super active there.  A year later though her and her family moved and they had never been able to find the church in Guagua, and they lived so far away that every other time we'd asked about them, no one knew where they lived.  It was so amazing being with them.  The humble spirit was incredible as they told us how much their lives have changed and the ways that they've been blessed from having the gospel.

It's incredible the blessings that come from the gospel.  And knowing it.  And living it.  The gospel is amazing!  Everytime I think about the gospel I just think ah this is my favorite part! but really it's just all my favorite. :)  I love the way that you can never stop learning.  The more I learn the more I understand how much Heavenly Father loves us and how everything about the gospel and his plan for us is to bring us safely home.  Constantly throughout the day as Sister Cervantes and I talk about the things that have happened throughout the day and the people we've been able to teach we're so grateful to know the gospel and be missionaries because "sobrang great si Heavenly Father." :)  I love you all and hope you never stop learning about the gospel.  No matter how busy your days may be, there's always time to learn more about the gospel and read the Book of Mormon.  

Mahal ko kayo!!
Sister Marshall :)

We did a community service project helping one of the elementary schools clean the gardens and yard helping them get ready for school to start and we were all wearing these yellow vests!  Sorry I didn't actually take pictures while we were out and about but it was so fun!  And so great to see how many of the branch members were willing to come and serve together!

Lunch after the service project and it was so fun!  I think it's called a "budo fight."  Basically you do exactly what you see in the picture, use lots of leaves, put rice and meat down the middle of the table and everyone eats with their hands.  It's sobrang masarap!!!


This is the cutest old man in Guagua.  And I finally got a picture with him!!!  He'll never stop to let us talk to him but whenever we're walking around in San Antonio, I'll feel a tap on my shoulder and when I turn around see him giggling to himself and shuffling away with his big walking stick.  Sobrang cute siya!  He always makes my day!

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