Sunday, August 9, 2015

July 8, 2015 --- Goodbye Guagua, Hello San Marcelino!!

Hahaha - that is all I have to say about this week.  I got transferred and while I was packing, it felt like I was packing to leave home again, so weird and I definitely cried a little saying goodbyes but now I'm here in San Marcelino, Zambales and it is maganda!! 

The other day (I wish I'd taken a picture but this all happened during a lesson so I couldn't, sayang) we saw a guy riding by sitting on a Carabao (Water Buffalo) pulling a cart of bamboo sticks, then (dad this is something I can imagine you doing;) haha) a few minutes later we see the Carabao walking along the street pulling the cart with the guy now laying in the empty cart sleeping.  

Then oh my word, in sacrament meeting I don't know what happened but one of the members has an instant obsession with Sister Petersen and I.  During his testimony her shared that Sister Petersen and I are both from Utah, "not Idaho because there's a lot of patatas there.  Here we have camotes (sweet potatoes) and they'll like the camotes..." then I don't know where he was going with this but he started talking about how the camotes will make us fart, and kept going on about stuff like that.  Then at the end he before he left the pulpit, he waved and said "hi Sister Marshall!!"  It's just so fun here!!  It feels a lot like my first week again but it is so fun!!
I'm kabahay (roommates) with Sister Petersen, my MTC companion and it has been so fun!!! But even more fun is my new companion Sister Sarfraz she is awesome.  She's from Pakistan which is in the New Dehli, India mission.  She is for sure the nicest person I've ever met!  It's so cute watching her talk with everyone.  She's one transfer ahead of me in the mission so our Tagalog is about the same.  I've felt the gift of tongues a lot just this past week because there's no Filipina companion to help me now.  Although I feel like Tagalog has been getting a lot better, everyone keeps telling me it's really bad.  Haha oops!  It's super different because in Guagua they always said that I sound Filipina and here they always tease me about it haha but I'm glad for some honesty finally!
The people here are really different too.  So much more willing to listen and progress.  There are a lot of recent converts here (something there's not a lot of in Guagua) and it is awesome working with them!!  I love hearing about the way the gospel has been changing their lives.  It's maganda!  I love being a missionary so much and I love seeing the effects of the gospel in people's lives.  Sobrang great talaga.
I'm really excited to see what this new transfer and area will bring!!
Syempre, I love you lots!!! :)
Sister Marshall

1) Last night in Guagua!
2) My beautiful companion, Sister Sarfraz
3) I've missed my Cache Valley mountains so when I saw these I definitely had to take a picture!  Almost like home ;)

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