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June 22, 2015 --- Let's Go To The Beach, Beach...‏

Wow Happy Father's Day!!!!  I hope you're all having lots of fun at home with summertime!  This week was just SO FUN!!!  It rained almost everyday and ah I love, love, love it!!

So many fun things happened this week!
- We drank/ate lots of fresh coconut mmmm!!!
- We got lots and lots of mangos.  As in Sister Sarfraz's bike basket was full and I had a huge plastic sack full of mangos on the back of my bike.  We're so blessed here :)
- We went to a birthday party and while we were there, it started pouring rain!!!  It lasted for a really, really long time and we had to go because we had an appointment to get to.  Turning to Sister Sarfraz I asked, "Can you do it? Ready for a bike ride in the rain?"  She just looked at me and said , "oooh Sister Marshall the things you do!"  I wish I could record the way she says things it's so cute, especially when she tries to act like she's mad, but then smiling.  She's so cute and we had a really fun, soaking wet bike ride!

When it comes to funny things people say to us foreigners it's literally endless but here's just a few:
- a lady was walking by and asked, "Elders why are you so beautiful?"  We just couldn't say anything without laughing.
- "You're eyes look like the ocean.  If we were in Amerika by the river, I'd sing you a romance song."

It's just been a week full of a lot of laughs.  Sister Sarfraz is a hoot and it is so fun laughing with her all day every day!  But this week has been incredible for so many more reasons too.  Lately these past few weeks, we've been able to get in to the houses of less-actives who missionaries haven't been able to get into yet. And they came to church!!   Maybe it's just our foreigner charm ;) There are so many people who are just so prepared here in San Marcelino.

One of my favorite things to do is give out the Aklat ni Mormon.  There have been a few people lately who we just cannot find a time to teach them.  They are always out in the bukid (farm) at the times that we are able to go out and teach.  But although we're not there, they've found time after they're long day to read the Aklat ni Mormon.  Really that's the most important thing.  The Book of Mormon is the key to our religion.  Reading the Book of Mormon is just awesome!  Because the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ, I've always wondered how much the Book of Mormon really says about Jesus Christ.  When I restarted, back in December, I started putting a red box every time it says Jesus Christ, or Son of God, or any other name that Christ is known by. It is amazing, one of my friends also marks every time it mentions the Atonement.  I love it!  I'm finally in 3 Nephi and tomorrow I'll be reading about when Christ visits the people of Ancient Amerika.  I absolutely love the Book of Mormon so much.  I have come closer to Christ through reading the Book of Mormon than ever before.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true and it is absolutely a blessing for anyone will put forth the effort to read it.  I love you all. I love the Philippines and the people here. I love being a missionary. I love the Book of Mormon and my Savior Jesus Christ.

Sister Marshall

1) I went on exchanges to San Felipe with Sister Laguerta.  She was my housemate during my first transfer in Guagua.  The first exchange I had was with her so it was really great being able to see the ways that my laguage and teaching skills have improved.  Also guess what...THEY HAVE A BEACH!!  So I got to see the ocean (and I touched the water for a was warm, ah swimming in the Philippines' ocean is for sure on my bucket list now but it will take a year or two before that happens, but oh I'm so excited!)

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