Monday, March 16, 2015

Mar. 15, 2015 --- Every Member a Missionary!‏

Hello family!!  How are you?  What's new in America??

The Philippines and Filipinos are of course amazing!  One of my favorite things is when people are so willing to listen.  This week, we went to teach Janet, a member, but she was leaving soon and didn't have time for the  lesson.  But before we left, we asked Janet a few questions about some of the less active members nearby who we had not been able to find.  While we were talking with her, her neighbor came up and help point out the direction to some of the less active's houses.  Then her neighbor began asking questions about the church and told us, "whenever you want to teach me I live right there.  But I have to go now so it will have to be another time."  After a couple minutes though, he came back and said, "okay, you can teach me now."  And then, even though she needed to leave, Janet invited us all in to her home and we were able to teach her neighbor.  I love, love, love when members help in missionary work because what the prophets say is true, "every member a missionary."  Janet knew how important the gospel is in her life and was willing to put her plans aside to help her neighbor to learn more about the gospel.

There have been so many times this week when Sister Lim and I just end up where we need to be.  On Thursday, we were in our far away areas, visiting the Barangay Halls to try and find addresses of our less actives.  Our last area to go to was Lambac and we had two people to find there.  It was 6pm and we knew the Barangay Hall would probably be closed but we still needed to go to it because we were already on that side of our area.  It was SO far away, as in really, really far. When finally got there, as we walked to the door of the Barangay Hall a man who had just walked near the Barangay hall to throw something in the garbage (which is super uncommon almost no one uses a garbage) told us "wala tao" (no people).  So we asked the man if he knew the two people we were looking for.  Turns out, one was his classmate and the other his next door neighbor!!!  He knew both of them and was able to help us even more than the people at the Barangay Hall would have been able to!

Another time like that was on Saturday when we went to teach a lesson and the people we were going to teach weren't there.  So we tried to find the home of another less active, Eva. We'd never met Eva yet but with help and directions from a lot of people we found her.  Turns out, she moved a while ago but Saturday she'd come home to visit her family (which is rare because she live so far away) and we were able to teach her.  Also, the last time she came to visit home (again for just one day) Sister Bautista and Sister Taylor (the missionaries here before me) had shown up on her porch as well.  Those are not coincidences.  I know that Heavenly Father is so aware of each of His children and He loves us so much.  He knows and understands everything that is going on in our lives.  Because of His love, He has prepared a way for each of us to return to Him.

I love you all dearly!!!
Sister Marshall :)

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