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Mar. 23, 2015 --- Let's Just Call it Quits..

Pamilya ko!  How are you all doing? I keep forgetting it's March because it's not spring over here!  It's crazy.  I hope it's at least a little cold it Utah and that you are all LOVING it!!!!!

This week was a week for a lot of firsts:
1. I tried to catch one of the little geckos that are all over the place here and when I tried to catch it I accidentally ripped it's tail off so it's tail was in my hand and just kept finching.  Eeeeeewwwww!!!!
2. I did it.  I finally gave in and touched one of the dogs here.  One of our investigators had the CUTEST little puppy so not only did I touch a dog here, I held it.  It me straight back to 4th grade when our dogs at home would have puppies and we'd hold them all day!  So that was fun while it lasted until I saw the fleas crawling all over the puppy.
3. Sister Dahle (our Mission President's wife) decided it's time for all the apartments to clean so well that we're at the temple's standard of cleanliness.  So we did some deep cleaning today and the worst of it was the cupboard under the sink.  It's always been a little stinky, full of grocery bags for our garbage cans, and had black dots all over the bottom of it.  And it has definitely NEVER been cleaned!  While cleaning it, we realized, this cupboard is where all the cockroaches and geckos live and I'm sure there's been a mouse or two that's lived there.  Also, the black dots wasn't dust like we's just a whole lot of tae (poop) from every creature that's ever lived there. EEEWWWWW!!!  We didn't have any bags to clean it either so we tied grocery bags around our hands up to our elbows.  But now it's clean and the smell is going away!!!! YAY!!  It was a rough experiences but it taught me a lot about gratitude.  I am so grateful cockroaches aren't a problem at home they're so gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We've been blessed a lot this week to find many people who truly desire to have the gospel in their lives, especially a lot of the less-active members we've been finding.  One of the less-actives we found was an 80 year old woman who wanted nothing to do with us.  While we were with her we tried to get her help with updating the records of her family and also teach her a lesson.  It was a definite fail.  All she did was tell us "oh they moved a little while ago, maybe to Manila but I don't know where I never go there, he died 5 years ago, or maybe 8 years ago, I don't know" and she also enjoyed telling us "you can't be missionaries, you're not men, you can't teach the gospel."  It was rough because we knew she knew the answer to every question we asked her but she was just holding back.  And we knew that some of her family was still there and we needed to go back.  So a couple days later, we went to her house and were praying she would just be asleep or something so we could talk to her family.  Luckily though her daughter was the one who came to the gate!  The old lady wasn't even home too because she was in Manila (and she said she doesn't go there...hmmmm).  Her daughter was able to answer our questions and we were able to have a really nice lesson with her.  It's really fun teaching the less-active members because so many of them that we've been able to find have really missed going to church and living the gospel.  It's so sad to hear them talk about how there life's have changed from when the gospel was their central focus in life to when it wasn't.  

This week we've had the opportunity to meet a lot of people who have a lot of questions about a lot of things.  The gospel is always the answer.  All of the answers to our question can be found in the gospel.  Whenever we feel lost, unsure, incapable, empty, fearful, anything, the gospel of Jesus Christ always provides the answers.  It provides a clear pathway to guide us through life.  I know that the the gospel is on earth because Heavenly Father loves us.  I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is truly what everyone needs.  I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was established by Jesus Christ and has the fullness of the gospel.  There is no better life than a life established on the gospel, because it is in the gospel that true happiness, peace, and answers are found.

The quote of the week comes from an American man who recently retired here and who didn't want us to teach him, "Wow Sisters. You know, I just had the absolute greatest time talking with you.  What a pleasure.  It was such a pleasure let's just call it quits.  You have a nice day."

So family, it's been such a pleasure writing you but let's just call it quits (for now) ;)

Sister Marshall :D

Wow sorry I haven't sent pictures in forever but I think it will work now!

Seriously, Sister Lim = Hello Kitty.  CUTE!!!!

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Sometimes we find pretty places and stop to take a picture...
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Picture time in the Philippines is just way more fun!!!!  This girl Grace is super, super talented at singing!!!!

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