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Feb. 8, 2015 --- Assorted People

HHHEEEEYYYY FAM!!!  How was Brinley's birthday?!  Ah she's two!!  I hope the cake was delicious and you realized how blessed you are to eat American birthday cake, cake is way better at home! ;)
Even though every week is the same schedule, I'm with the same person all day long, and the weather every single day is just HOT ("hot" season hasn't even started yet), it amazes me how different each week and day are.  We meet so many people, have so many new experiences, and siempre (of course) always have so much fun!!

So one of my favorite things about being an American here are the things that people say to us.  Like the man who was selling pizza and says to me (because everyone knows how much American's love their butter) "Try! It's better than butter!"  or the man to called out to Sister Lim (whose half Chinese/Filipina but moslty looks Chinese) and I "Hey good morning assorted people!"

#1 scare of the week...four letter word, starts with an L, end with an E...and it's definitely not love.  During a lesson, one a little girl kept trying to snuggle up to me, play with my hair, and run her fingers through it (I don't know how though because it was in a bun).  Then, after the lesson, she asked me to do an "Elsa-braid" in her hair (which of course all the little girl's think I can do because they all call me Elsa) so I started doing the braid and saw lots of little critters...aka lice!!  So far I'm pretty sure I don't have it...but it's probably inevitable and at this rate I'm sure one day I'll have it.  YIKES!!!

#2 scare of the week...We were in a tryke and the driver didn't quite slow down for the speed bump so Sister Lim almost fell out of the tryke!!  Haha we actually thought it was really funny!

It's really just so much fun here!  So last week when I tried balut it was dark and I couldn't see it.  This week Sister Lim and some members who were coming with us to the lessons wanted some so I tried it again (sorry to pic to prove it but it really happened) but this time it was daylight and I could see it.  AH SO PANGIT(ugly)!!!  It was an 18-day-old egg, same as last time, and it had feathers, a beak, eyes, feet...all of it was there but when I closed my eyes and took a bite it tasted the same, still just like a super soft hard boiled egg.  Maybe I'll make you some at home in 2016. haha ;)

Here's some other random stories from the week:

A lot of people here call us "ate" (pronounced ah-teh and means older sister).  So one night we were walking home and a man starts right his bike after us calling out "ate! ate!" and asked us if we sell Bibles.  Apparently a woman who is literally super crazy broke into his house and stole his Bible.  He really wants to change his life around and is trying to buy a new Bible.  Well we don't sell Bibles but we told him we'd give him an Aklat ni Mormon.  He wouldn't give us his phone number, tell us very clearly where he lives, or let us tell him what Ang Aklat ni Mormon is, but he gladly took it and our phone number.  Hopefully he reads it and wants to know more!!  Haha plus what a great conversion story..."it all started when a crazy lady broke into my house and stole my Bible..." haha

I've been so good at never losing my water bottle or leaving it anywhere.  But this week I left it at someone's house and was so sad because I left it in an area we don't go to very often.  A couple days later we were near that area and it was so hot so we decided to go pick up my water bottle.  Well, when we got to the house, there was a less active man there who we can NEVER get a hold of, or is always gone, or something to that effect.  But he was there!  And we were able to teach a really good lesson!!  Every day I see more and more how Heavenly Father guides our footsteps...even through something as simple as losing a water bottle.

There's another family who we went to visit and while we were at the door saying "tao po" (people) a little boy ran and his bright orange chick (the kids here spray paint baby chicks after they hatch so there are blue, pink, and green all over the place) up to us to tell us they weren't home.  As we were talking to him he told us he had an Aklat ni Mormon then told us the missionaries used to teach his family last year.  We asked if his family was home and they were!!  We were able to teach them and they want us to keep coming back.  This week we've met a lot of people at the most unexpected times in the most random places who used to take missionary lessons, and stopped, but want them again. 

Every now and then we have a day where it seems like we teach the same lesson all day long.  Not on purpose but that's just what they need to hear, or how far they've progressed in the lessons.  This week there was a day when we taught about the Plan of Salvation all day long.  I absolutely loved it.  I am so grateful that we have the opportunity to know where we come from, why we're here, and where we're going.  It is such a blessing for us to know God's plan for us and not be left here on earth in oblivion.  I'm so grateful to know that families can be together forever.  I know that we have the gospel on earth because God loves us.  He sent His Son here, because He loves us and He wants us to return to Him.  

I love the the gospel, you, and the Philippines all so much - and never forget it!!!!!  Speaking of love, Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Mahal ko kayo,
Sister Marshall

FHE this week was CRAZY!!!  And so fun!!!
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First big spider I've seen...luckily it's outside or I might have DIED!!  SPIDERS ARE GGGRRRRRROOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!
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Sister Lim and I with our yummy halo-halo!!
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