Friday, March 13, 2015

Mar. 1, 2015 --- That One Time We Went to a Concert..

Looking through my planner, I've been trying to think of what funny stories or interesting things I can tell you this week.  But I don't know if there really are any.  Maybe I'm just so used to everything that goes on here that I don't catch on to all the funny things anymore.  But the food is always interesting.  In the plaza there's a waffle stand that always smells so good so we went to it.  Filipinos love some random things, especially "Eden" cheese.  It looks a little like cream cheese but differentish texture, it's weird and they put it on everything or just eat it by the chunk!!! EW!  But the best seller at the waffle stand is the caramel and cheese waffle, so that's what I had and it was actually pretty good!  If you can find Eden cheese at home make one and try it, just a waffle with caramel on it, cheese grated on top of that, and then fold it like a taco and eat it!!  Tell me what you think of it. :)  On our way home from getting waffles, the road was BUSY and loud!  Turns out we were about to walk into the 6 Cycle Mind concert...oops!!  It sounded like fun music so look it up and let me know what I missed out on!

Some of my favorite lessons are when we're teaching the pogi (handsome) old guys, the old people here are just so cute!  We went to teach Evanuary with one of our recent converts Tatay Jun.  We were all sitting on the porch for the lesson and as their friends walked by they'd join in on the lesson.  Pretty soon it was us and a bunch of old guys in their white tee's asking us question after question about the gospel.  They were all different religions so they had a lot of questions.  It was so fun though!  And you should have seen them all squished together on the bench, I wished I could have taken a picture!  It looked like one of the pictures you would see on a cheesy birthday card haha.  Something that I love about the Philippines is that people are always out and about or sitting on their porches so we constantly have curious neighbors joining in on our lessons, it's great!

My other favorite lessons are when we're teaching "Bruce Lee."  This guy watches Bruce Lee or something kung fu every single day.  Anyways, when we go in there he's standing in front of the TV imitating the people on the movie Tai Chi Master as the do their kung fu sequences or whatever.  He has it memorized!!  But my actual favorite thing with him is when he tells stories!  Most the time I still have no idea what he is saying but he acts out his stories, and when they're about kung fu oh it's so funny!!!  The sound effects are great!!  I asked him if I could video it but he said it was bawal (forbidden) because I'd probably post it on Facebook and then everyone would know his techniques, haha so sorry fam, no video, yet...

We have another investigator Emerson who was super hard for me to teach at first because he wouldn't listen and my Tagalog is just really ugly, so after I would say something or ask questions he wouldn't say anything and just ask his sister or Sister Lim, "Ano daw?"(What did she say?) and then not really give much of an answer.  For the first little while he wasn't reading the Book of Mormon but this week, when we asked him and his sister if they'd read he smiled and excitedly got his Aklat ni Mormon and showed us the notes he'd taken while he read!  The lessons are completely different now!  He's listens so intently, now he's the one translating my Tagalog for his sister.  I love lessons with them now!!  

I know that this change happened through reading the Book of Mormon.  There is so much power in it.  We are so blessed to have the Book of Mormon in our lives.  Every day I begin to love it more and more!!  At home, when I read, it was usually just because I knew was just something I was supposed to do, so usually I wouldn't read until I was going to sleep and realized I hadn't read yet.  By then I'd usually be half asleep as I read or skimmed a page or two so and called it good.  But every now and then I'd actually read when I was awake and pay attention to what I was reading and it was always so much better!  Here on the mission, each day I really read to learn and understand, no more half asleep reading, and it is amazing how much I've missed over the years.  The Book of Mormon has so much greatness within it!!!  Seriously though, just READ IT! :)

Love you lots!!  
Sister Marshall

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