Friday, March 13, 2015

Feb. 1, 2015 --- Literal Cat Fight

Kumusta kayo!!  How was your week???  I hope all was well and that mom's birthday was a PARTY!!!!

So you'll never guess what happened at Family Home Evening this week...literal cat fight.  We were just trying to sing "Keep the Commandments" and then under one of the chairs, we hear a loud "rawr" or whatever that super mad sound is that cats make.  Then we hear two cats make that sound WAY LOUD as the cats run under all the chairs and benches everyone is screaming and jumping up onto chairs, the cats ran out from under my chair and something got my foot wet...hopefully it wasn't cat's blood or anything, and then they fought and hissed in the middle of our FHE circle.  It's was way scary and weird but some of the boys got brave and tossed the cats out the window into the alley.  So basically cats are freaky and I don't like them, but that's nothing new.  So that FHE was crazy!

On Tuesday we found out Sister Bautista and Sister Laguerta were getting transferred so we went to a few of the investigators and members houses so she could say goodbye.  I'm so grateful that I get to stay here in Guagua for a little while longer.  Everyone hear is so great.  Now I'm understanding why everyone's mission is the best mission.  It's incredible here.

Wednesday were Transfers so we went to Olongapo and Sister Bautista went to get her new trainee and I met my new companion Sister Lim.  She's so cute!  She's Chinese/Filipino and looks like Hello Kitty.  Haha and because she looks just like Hello Kitty everyone gives her Hello Kitty stuff and she had tons of it!  Bags, books, stickers, pencils, etc. but she actually really, really doesn't like Hello Kitty so it's super funny.  She is so, so nice.  Really one of the nicest people I''ve met.  It's so fun being with her in lessons, she cares about every new person so much.  Because she's new to the area, I lead us everywhere we's weird!  The first couple of days, I felt like so much time was wasted because I just know what people's houses look like and had no idea what town's people live in so we did a whole lot of walking around looking for their house...but I've been able to make a little map and now I think I almost know all of the area!!

Thursday was a day that was literally setup for failure.  We were going to Maquiapo, an area that was really far away and I didn't know AT ALL.  But we knew we had to go so after we made all the plans, studied the maps we had which are not very helpful at all, invited certain members (who knew the way around) to come with us and were on our way, everything started going wrong.  The members couldn't come, I forgot to text the people first to make sure they'd even be home, and just so many little things were going wrong.  On the way out there I was trying to mentally prepare myself for one of the hardest days ever and praying so hard that at least one good thing would come from this day.  But, of course Heavenly Father knows best and as we work our hardest and do our best to fulfill our purpose, he fills in the gaps.  I learn this more and more everyday.  Especially now.  By the time we got there, the members who cancelled could come, the people we needed to see were home, when we needed to find a house and didn't know where is was, we found it, we met new investigators, and everything went 100 times better than I could have ever planned myself.  I know for a fact that Heavenly Father is aware of each of His children and guides our lives to where we need to be when we need to be there.  Another fun, unexpected thing that happened on Thursday...I ATE BALUT!!  Mom, I hope you were enjoying your birthday cake while I enjoyed balut. ;)  I thought it'd be way gross but it was actually kind of just tasted like a hardboiled egg that wasn't cooked all the way.  So maybe it was the wrong kind of balut, or I like weird food, or I just got a good egg...we'll see next time I try it.  

Remember Boyet that I told you about last week?  The basketball player.  Sister Lim and I taught him again and it's so cool seeing how excited he is to learn!  He told us that the first time we met him on the street, he was actually super excited when we talked to him and asked if we could share with him.  And he told he was surprised that we came when we showed up for the first lesson.  He wasn't expecting us and apparently he'd been really busy but decided to listen to us instead of doing whatever it was he was doing.  He's been looking for the truth for awhile and it's so exciting being able to share the gospel with him.  We've also been able to teach his mother, who came to church even though we were only able to share with her for a couple of minutes.  Last night we taught his kids too.  His oldest son, just like Boyet, has been reading the Bible a lot and looking for the truth and is super interested in the Aklat ni Mormon.  So far the lessons have all been separate but I;m really exited for when we can teach them as a family!!!

Missionary work is SO rewarding.  It makes me so happy to share with people about the biggest blessing in my life.  It's amazing to see and help people find the answers to the questions they've been asking themselves for years.  I know that as we have questions about our lives, the answers our souls have been yearning for can truly be found within the Book of Mormon.  Not only do I love to see other's testimonies grow, but I also love the way that I've seen my grow more and more and through study and bearing testimony of the Gospel everyday.  I know that Ang Simbahan ni Jesucristo ng mga Banal sa mga Huling-Araw (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) is true.  What more can I say?  I hope that we all take hold of the time we have to study and apply the gospel in each of our lives daily.

Mahal ko kayo!!!!!

Sister Marshall 

Red lipstick on the loser's faces today...
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Sister Lim and I stuffed in a tricycle!  She had a suitcase on top, one on the back, and a couple bags and boxes in our laps! 
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