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April 12, 2015 --- Bakit Hindi!‏

Kumusta kayo family?  Now I finally understand which talks you liked at General Conference.  We finally watched it this weeked and ah, they were ALL SO GOOD!!!  I can't wait to get the May 2015 Liahona so I can read, and reread, and reread all of the talks!

My favorite lesson was yesterday to Edward.  He's only 14 and has been less active for a while but has recently he's finally started coming to church even when none of his family will come with him.  Sister Lim asked him what his dream in life is.  His answer was simply, "to become a missionary!"

This week, we had our first lesson with a woman named Tess.  As we taught her about the restoration of the gospel and the restoration of Priesthood power we asked her, if the power of God was truly on earth, would she want to be baptized by someone holding the power of God or the Priesthood power.  Her answer was "bakit hindi!" or "why not!"  I love it!  It's such a great answer.  

As we watched General Conference this weekend, I thought a lot about Tess' answer.  With each commandment that God gives to us, we are promised blessings.  So many blessings!  I absolutely loved the talk (notice the link...if you haven't read it, read it!!!)  "Is Not This The Fast That I Have Chosen" by Henry B. Eyring.  When it comes to paying tithing, the how and the why are so straight forward.  As we pay 10% of our increase (or income) to the Lord, he pays us back a hundredfold.  Tithing gives us the security to know even if we don't have a lot, we will always have enough.  As President Eyring focused on in his talk as well, the tithing we pay greatly blesses and changes the lives of others too.  So, "why not!"  

One of my favorite quotes about tithing is found in the talk "Opening the Windows of Heaven" by James E. Faust.  It reads, "As President Hinckley said in Cebu in the Philippine Islands, if members “even living in poverty and misery … will accept the gospel and live it, pay their tithes and offerings, even though those be meager, … they will have rice in their bowls and clothing on their backs and shelter over their heads. I do not see any other solution.” "  The blessings we are promised for following God's commandments are real and life changing.  As President Hinkley said, "I do not see any other solution."

I love you, I love you, I love you!
Sister Marshall

These are all the I live with they're great!!  Sister Villavilles (from Cebu), Sister Walker (Australia), Sister Lim (Iloilo...she goes home in one week!!!!) and me!!
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the Saturday afternoon general conference session looked just like this...haha we had some nice air-con.  And we got to watch in English or Tagalog...this is the English room!!!!
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Sister Abella makes us the YUMMIEST food every week!!
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