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Mar. 30, 2015 --- Let's Go Brush Our Teeth‏

Magandang umaga/magandang gabi because that's probably what it is in America!  How are you all doing?  While you're all busy getting home from or leaving for Spring Break, the kids here all just took their finals and there school is over!  Sayang (that's too bad) for you. ;)

Also here's my favorite Filipino joke of the week:
How do you tell your friend they have stinky breath without offending them?  You say, "My friend it's such a boring day!  Let's go brush our teeth."

Haha so this week we experienced the awkward moment when you have an investigator who's family is LDS and who's progressing really well and preparing for baptism...and then find out he's already been baptized and just forgot!!  We couldn't believe it.  When we saw his records, Sister Lim and I couldn't even talk and just laughed and laughed.  So our investigator suddenly switched over to a returning less-active.  Haha wow I still can't believe it!

I truly love working with the less-active members, helping them remember the fullness of the truths they've forgotten and strengthen their faith.  So many of the less-actives we've found tell us "I want to come back.  It's the gospel that helped me get through the hardest times of my lives, I really want to come back and I want my family their too."  It's so sad to see the little things that pulled them into becoming less-active in the church.  It's usually something little like work.  They had to miss church once for work, then another time, then pretty soon they work every Sunday for a month or two and since they haven't been to church in such a long time, they just don't ever go.  They want to, but they don't.  It's so sad to see where they started and where they've ended up.  How unti-unti (little by little) they've become inactive.  It reminds me of the story about the mouse that gets put in a snake's cage.  To eat the mouse, the snake could just rush at the mouse to try and catch it but then the mouse would know what was happened and run away.  So instead the snake slowly goes closer to the mouse and when the mouse gets a little uncomfortable the snake goes away.  The next time the snake goes towards the mouse, it gets a little closer than the time before and goes away.  And this keeps happening.  Unti-unti.  Until the mouse is comfortable where it is, the snake is up close, and the snake can eat the mouse before it can run away.  This is just how Satan is.  Instead us throwing things, he's just uses the unti-unti type of temptations.  Because he knows once we accept the little things, it's easier for us to accept the bigger things.  But helping them come out of their inactivity is so amazing!!

A couple of our investigators right now are 14-year-olds.  Their faith amazes me.  One of my favorite thing is teaching them about the Restoration of the Gospel, and when Joseph Smith first saw our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, because they are the same age that Joseph Smith was when that happened!!  Honestly these kids here are amazing.  The questions they have, their understanding of the Bible, the ability to recognize when some of their past churches preach from the Bible but don't follow the Bible's teachings, and then hearing them testify that they've prayed about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and know it true.  Everything about these kids just puts me in awe and builds my testimony more and more each day.  I know that Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us.  And He is so aware of each individual.  I know that He hears and answers our prayers.  I know that this church is true, there's just no way it couldn't be.

Of course I love you lots and lots!

Sister Marshall :)

We found this lovely notebook and I had to take a picture because it is so funny!!  I not sure on all of them but I think the foods are chicken intestines(on the stick), some kind of drink, fish balls (in the cup), kikian (long skinny ones), blood clots(I don't know the right words but that's literally what they are, they look like yummy little brownies...but they're not), kwek-kwek(hardboiled eggs fried - little orange circles), and squid balls (the tan colored circle).

This is exactly what a jeep full of missionaries looks like...

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