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Nov. 29, 2014 --- HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Kumusta pamilya!!!  Masaya Thanksgiving!!

On Saturday, last week, I was able to do the coolest thing.  Because all of the branch presidency's wives were all out of town or sick, Sister Black and I got to escort Sister Teweiatau and Sister Teorabwati through the temple while they received their endowments.  It was the absolute most amazing thing.  It was so fun to be with them.  When I was asking them how they felt, Sister Teorabwati said she just felt so happy in her heart.  I love the temple, I love the sisters, and I loved being able to experience that with them.  This whole week has been so good.

Monday was very humbling because Sister Talaroc-Kaniho tried to teach me how to do some Tahitian dancing.  So I totally thought I'd be able to do it because I can shake my hips, but no.  It was so hard!  Oh my goodness!  Maybe one day I'll learn.  Also, I have a new favorite treat.  Mochi Crunch!  Sister TK's family sent it to her from Hawaii and it is so good.  I think it's a Japanese soy rice cracker type of thing and when you eat a handful of that and a chocolate covered gummy bear at the same time...mmmmmmm!!!!!

Tuesday we were doing gymnastics again and I tried to do a front flip (I couldn't even do it very well when I did that tumbling class last semester so don't ask me why I thought I could do it noe) and I kind of landed it and then tripped and fell flat on my back haha so I'm not planning on trying that again.  In choir we were singing Nearer My God to Thee and the choir director told us that song was written about Jacob (Genesis 28:10-22).  So he told us the story as we sang the song and it is so cool!!!  Then Dallin H. Oaks spoke at our devotional about why and how we serve the Lord.  One of my favorite quotes from him was, "Take what you are and move steadily to what you can become."

Wednesday I played some volleyball with only polynesians.  It was one of the scariest things I've ever done!  They play so intense and hit the ball so hard.  I saw my life flash before my eyes once or twice but no worries, I survived Polyball.  Later that day, I was studying the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It the Bible Dictionary, Gospel translated actually means good news.  So as a missionary I'm literally just spreading the "good news of Jesus Christ!"

Thursday was so much fun!!!  Thanksgiving at the MTC was a party!  We started the day with a devotional and the speaker was Elder Bednar.  Instead of actually giving a talk, he passed out 100 cell phones and let us text him the questions we wanted to know the most about.  It was awesome.  Then we had a Thanksgiving lunch (which was tasty, but does not even come close to the Thanksgiving dinner we have as a family).  Then we did some service making dinner packages for some organization that I totally just forgot the name of...Elder Bednar and his wife were there so I got to shake both their hands, so that was pretty great. :)  Later that night we got to watch Meet the Mormons which was way fun and great that even the MTC follows our family tradition of Thanksgiving dinner and going to a movie right after.  

I hope you are all having the greatest Thanksgiving ever!!!!  I love you all and I am definitely missing not being in Vegas with everyone last night and I wish I could be at breakfast with you but I can't so...eat lots of extra food for me! :)  Don't forget, 'tis the season for Christmas music.  Michael Buble and Justin Beiber Christmas music.  Listen to it as much as you can for me!! ;)  

Mahal ko kayo!!

Sister Marshall

P.S.  I got my flight plans!!  I leave the MTC December 11 at 3:35 am!  Then I go from SLC to LA-X, then I'm swimming from LA to Tokyo (because the flight plan didn't mention that flight hmmm), then I fly from Tokyo to Manila, and I'll be in the Philippines.  Whoo!  It's coming up quick!!

Super good looking hair nets for the service project!
 (top row) Sister Leung-Wei, Sister Etuale, Sister Talaroc-Kaniho, (middle row) Sister Toli, Sister Teweiatau, Sister Nielsen, Sister Teratabu, (bottom row) Sister Teorabwati, me, Sister Petersen

Selfie with Elder Bednar!!  Maybe one day I'll get a real picture.

The Christmas lights are up!! Sister Talaroc-Kaniho, me, Sister Petersen, Sister Teweiatau, Sister Teorabwati - I love these sisters!!!  There are so fun!  The Kiribati sisters are so full of life and ​laughing all the time, I love it!

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  1. Hey Courtney! I am glad you are doing good. I miss you and I am so glad you are great mission. It look like you had so much fun. Love you!