Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jan. 4, 2015 --- To the moon and back...‏

Hello family,

Wow this week has been quite the week!  So many of the most incredible lessons and some of the hardest lessons.  Everyday is so exciting here in Guagua.  

On Monday, Sister Bautista and I met Belie and Dolly, two sisters who remind me of Grandma Lynn and Aunt Dottie.  Then later in the week we were teaching them and their mom, Nanay, was there and oh she's so cute!  She reminds so much of Grandma Cook, but brown!  Haha teaching them has been so fun because there is so much love in their home, the Spirit is always so strong during lessons with them, and when I'm with them I feel like I'm right at home.

New Years Eve was delicious.  A lot of the members sent us home with goodies or brought food over to us.  The ward here is so loving.  Our neighbor's kids were doing some serious videoke ALL NIGHT so I have every One Direction song memorized now...haha didn't except that one on the mission.  New Year's Eve here is HUGE!!!  Everyone parties, and has fun, and goes especially crazy at midnight.  New Year's traditions here are to jump at midnight so that they'll grow in the next year and to put 13 different round fruits on the table.  It was so loud all night, so many celebrations, and fireworks, it was fun to watch out the window. 

New Year's Day was DEAD...it was super rainy and the streets were so bare.  It was so weird.  But we started of the New Year really well.  We randomly decided to go visit one of the elderly men in our ward that we haven't seen in a while but only his daughter and her kids were at the house.,  She warmly invited us in to get out of the rain and for some Baterol (like hot chocolate with peanuts, it's super yummy!).  As we were talking to her, we found out that she has been less active for 15 years and that her father (the man we went to visit) had passed away in December.  Heavenly Father's love for each of us was truly testified to me when as I realized the way He guided us to her house so we could remind her of the truths of the Gospel and that her family can be together forever.  

We've also had a lot of dropped investigators who wanted to retake the lessons.  Ah so excited!!!  It's been fun teaching them. This week we met so many families who's homes are filled with so much love.  I love sharing the gospel especially when the whole family is there.  But sometimes that leads to hard lessons if the kids are super crazy, crazy, crazy...I'm slowly learning how to teach lessons that kids and adults can be engaged in.

This week I've been reading a lot from the Liahona.  I don't know why I didn't put more time into reading the Ensign at home.  The talks, lessons, everything, is so awesome!!  I truly love the opportunity to share the Gospel with so many people.  I know that Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us.  It has been such a blessing to already be able to see the way the gospel affects and changes peoples lives.

Also, I has been such a change of scenery not being surrounded be mountains.  The sky here is enormous.  I absolutely love the night sky.  Right now the moon is so beautiful and big and the stars are so bright.  I'm so grateful for the beauty Heavenly Father put into this earth for us.

Fam, I love you all to the beautiful moon and back!

Sister Marshall :)

Our own little 8pm New Year's Eve party.

And at Chowking they sell these cute little called a Panda Pao (bread-like stuff filled with chocolate) and a Piggy Pao (filled with Pork), so yummy!!

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