Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nov. 1, 2015 --- First Four Days? Nailed it!!‏

Magandang umaga pamlya,

This week has been great! 

From when I started packing for a year and a half until I was walking into the MTC all that was going through my head was, What in the world have I gotten myself into??!!  After being dropped off, I walked in the MTC and was led down a bunch of halls to pick up my name tags, books, keys, all that grand stuff.  Then I went to my room and met mga kasama ko (mga (makes sometime a plural) kasama (companion, with) ko (my)) and they are so fun!   After that we went into our language class and from the get go Brother Smith spoke only Tagalog the whole time.  As stressful as that time might have been for a lot of people, hearing Tagalog and beginning to learn soothed my soul so much and reminded me that this is where I am supposed to be.

Sister Talaroc-Kaniho is from Maui, Hawaii and she is just so much fun.  Kinda of what you would expect from most Hawaiians, chill, laid back, always laughing, and loves to have fun.  She brings a lot of fun into the companionship and is such a great worker.  Her dad is Filipino and her mom is Hawaiian so she's super stoked to be going to the Philippines and getting to know the other half of her.  She worked on learning Tagalog before coming here so she helps a lot with helping me figure out pronunciation.  She's so great and carries such a strong spirit about her, I love her already!!  Sister Petersen is from Providence, UT.  She just graduated from Mountain Crest and she's great too!  She kind of reminds me of myself sometimes.  She's almost my height, has brown hair, blue eyes, etc., etc.  Whenever I see her reflection in the mirror out of the corner of my eye it freaks me out for a second because I think it's me with shorter hair.  She great to.  She is doing very well at learning Tagalog.  She's fun and always laughing.  I love both these sisters so much!!  Cam and Ash, you two are lucky , you don't have to listen to my dumb jokes for 18 more months!  Mga kasama ko both super nice to cause now they get to hear all my dumb jokes, plus they laugh!  Haha that's how I know they love me too! :)  I'm so glad that I am in a trio companionship because it adds a lot to our conversations and keeps us always having a good time.  My biggest struggle these past couple days is probably just sticking with mga kasama ko because I've slways appreciated being able to just worry about me and get the things done I needed to and being able to spend time alone when I got a little sick of people (aka I'm kind of selfish).  It'm not saying it's been awful by any means that just something I miss a little bit.  But I'm getting used to being with the same people all the time and it's good because we're really getting to know each other.  I'm loving it!

My district (all the Tagalog speakers who came on October 29th) consistist of four companionships.  There are four Elders and seven Sisters.  When I get a picture of us all I'll tell you more about them.  Our zone is every who is speaking Tagalog.  There are a lot of us so maybe I'll tell you more about them as I get to know them. 

It's all just been so great here!! I hope all is going well in Logan!

Mahal ko kayo,
Sister Marshall

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